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You aren't broken

You may hurt

You may have an injury

You may have been told something scary by a doctor

But you aren't written off yet.

If you're still breathing, you are alive.

If you are alive you can take control

If you take control you can make improvement.

1% improvement, each and every day.

We never know how far you can go in your recovery, but every person I've worked with who has committed themselves to the process makes progress. It may be painfully slow, but it's progress.

Forward movement is forward movement.

You are not broken. Bones heal, muscles repair themselves, scars fade. Your nervous system, your brain remembers. So by taking control, you show your brain who's boss, you say to it, I am not broken, I will improve.

1% today

1% tomorrow

1% the day after that

Take charge.


Dave Hedges

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