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Welcome to my new project!

Welcome to Dave Hedges Injury Management, my new project now that I've moved from Dublin up to Dungannon.

I'm still running Wild Geese in Dublin with the ever excellent Seb Wierbinski taking the reigns on the training floor. But up here in Dungannon, I'm taking my skills as an Anatomy in Motion practitioner, as well as my long experience of training people from a wide range of activities, martial artists, mountain bikers, triathletes, Kettlebell Sports athletes, desk jockeys, mums, dads, and so on.

The new clinic is in Box 7, the Cube, Dungannon Enterprise centre, since making the video below, we are open and taking in bookings for in person appointments. Appointments that can be followed up, if desired, by moving you onto an online training plan for you to carry out in your gym or home as preferred.

Have a watch here and then if you think I can help you, get in touch:

Book in via this website, in fact, here's a link

I'll see you soon


Dave Hedges

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