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Self Image and Story Telling

Have you ever considered the story you tell about yourself?

Have you thought about how you think about you?

In my career as a fitness trainer and movement therapist the biggest steps forward any client has ever made always came about after a shift in mindset.

When a person recognises how they arrived at this point in their life, then they can get to work on changing things to get to a better point in their life.

Is their recurrent back pain a result of operating in a state of heightened arousal all day every day?

Is the knee not healing because we grew up thinking knee pain was inevitable after a certain age?

Are we ignoring that tightness in the shoulder because it'll just go away?

Are we holding back from performing at our best because a Doctor told us we had to?

These are all stories. These stories affect our self image.

We might start thinking we're broken, defective, unable to perform.

Once you start thinking along those lines, it can be a slippery slope, you start getting old pretty fast.

But what if we could change that story, realise that we're tougher than we realise, that the knee doesn't have to hurt that a sore shoulder doesn't have to be normal?#

If we start to question these things, doors open.

We start to grow

We start to live fuller lives

We can become a better version of ourselves.

Have a think about your stories.

Can you tell a better one?


Dave Hedges

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