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My Journey from Martial Artist to Injury Rehabber

Before coming to Dungannon and opening the Movement Therapy & Injury Management service, I was an S&C guy in Dublin. It was the fitness work that got me into the injury management field. Mostly due, I think to the fact I was a martial artist and martial arts instructor prior to the fitness role.

Having been in the martial arts and my own fitness training most of my life, it made sense to study and take on the role of coach. As the years went by I was lucky enough to work with a great many exceptional people. Amateur athletes in various combat sports, mountain bikers, rugby players, triathletes, climbers and more.

Even the non athletes that trained with me were of that same limit pushing mentality.

This guided my training methods to ensure that these guys trained in a manner that mitigated the risks from their sporting and adventurous hobbies.

This ultimately lead to me attending the first Anatomy in Motion course held in Ireland. Initially I wanted a simple assessment tool. But instead I was taken on a deep dive into human movement and how the body operates.

Slowly I integrated this into my coaching, and after a few years began offering Anatomy in Motions assessements as both a stand alone therapeutic service and as way to examine my athletes and ensure we selected the very best movements for them to use in training so they could be maximally effective in performance.

In Dublin this process made me the preferred referral choice for several physio's to carry on their rehab.

Since moving to Dungannon, I've made the decision to continue in this rehab based field. To focus on the Injury Management rather than the Fitness coaching, although I still program for people through the online training. And this is what my old friend and teacher, the legendary Kettlebell OG himself Steve Cotter wanted to talk to me about for his Instagram "podcast" Steve wanted to ask about this journey from martial artist to doorman, to coach, to rehabber. We chatted for an hour the other day, you can access this here:

I tried embedding the interview, but I can't suss out these long form Instagram things, they don't behave like the usual 60 second clips.

I hope you enjoy the chat, we talk about a range of things related to the human animal.

If you listen, drop me a line to let me know your thoughts, to ask a question about something we talked about or anything else that pops into your mind.

Chat soon

Dave Hedges

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