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Happy New Year

Welcome to 2024!!

I hope you took a few days over the Xmas period to relax and recharge the batteries, I certainly did.

Rest and recovery are vital for performance, for health and for quality of life, so every year at this time of year I do my best to disconnect and disappear for a few days at least.

Now, as I'm writing this on January 2nd, I feel like I'm emerging from hibernation, fat and sleepy.

But at the same time, eyeballing the horizon, looking at what adventures are coming my way.

First though, we need to warm up.

Like any workout, we warm up, we kick arse, we cool down, we rest and recover, in that order.

That can be expanded out to how we run our day, our month and even our year.

It can inform how we come back from any break of routine.

Right now we're in the warm up stage, let's return to training and routine a little easy for the first couple of sessions.

Then we can ramp up

Then we get to kicking ase and taking names

With frequent (not too frequent) periods of dialling back and allowing the mind and body recover and reset.

So, what's what?

On Monday the newsletter gets back into routine with a question in from Alistair about Mace and Indian Club use.

The following week we're diving into a Vince Lomabardi quote that Chris was asking about.

But as always, I want you, yes YOU << Test First Name >> to send in your questions for future issues.

On the Wg-Fit shop page, we have launched two new custom products.

We have a "Last Set Best Set" T-shirt, which will be available from now until the end of Feb then it will be gone!

If you've spent any time at all training in my presence, you'll have heard me yelling "Last Set Best Set"

If I'm coaching, or if I'm doing my own training, it's a constant reminder to finish strong!

It's a reminder that we perform how we train, and if we can't finish strong, that gives the other guy opportunity to win.

The T-shirt is a polyester fabric, perfect for most activities but not for Kettlebell Sport style Jerk, where you need cotton for the rack position.

There will be more "Dave quotes" training tee's coming in the future, keep your eyes peeled.....

And, if you've followed my social media for any length of time, you'll be familiar with my Red bandana with the black flames that I wear in the cold weather.

This is a Buff, a simple tube of fabric that I have been a fan of since my late teens living and working in the English Lake District and spending an inordinate amount of time out on the hills.

My Red & Black flaming Buff was bought in Dublin many many years ago and is getting really tired, it need a break.

So, the Printful company that I'm using for providing merch have an equivalent, I don't know if it's Buff quality, I'll find out shortly when my new WG-Fit branded "Buff - like" jobbie arrives.

And I'll post a review once mine comes through the post and I've had chance to sweat into it!

But for now, let's get moving again, get back into routine, back into action and start making 2024 a year to remember!


Dave Hedges

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