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The Client I Wouldn't Train

There was once a client I couldn't trainOr more accurately, didn't want to train There was a lady did a few sessions with me and I could tell she wasn’t really into the process.

This is fine, sometimes it takes a while for client to fully buy in.But after one session, they started asking questions specifically about their sport or cycling. If I'm completely honest, cyclists get better on the bike, I'm not sure S&C work makes a huge difference other than keep the body bike ready.So I asked one of my usual questions, 

What are you bad at, what areas need work and improvement?

And the answer that came back was…


Even with some follow up questions, this lady was adamant that there wasn't an area that she would benefit from bringing up.So I, as nicely as possible, suggested she didn't need my services. And I never saw her again.Now, I have worked with many high performers.And not one of them has ever thought they couldn't be better.

They all went out of their way to find ways to eliminate their weaknesses, and become better.It's what we call a White Belt mindset The idea that there’s always something to learn, a way to be better.

Be it in mind, body or spirit 

Be it skill and tactics or strength and endurance 


Some don't know where they need help, they need help finding it.An example of this is when I worked with Jamie, a mountain bike champ who started with me for injury purposes. 

We got his injuries under control so then wanted S&C

But really, what he most benefited from was us talking, getting into mindset and attitude. 

Which required him being open and honest, so I could ask better and better questions to help him find his solutions.

Some days he came in and we barely warmed up. Yet he credits these sessions as contributing more to his subsequent wins than and lifting we actually did do.


Or the dude who booked a consultation with me to discuss his Rugby S&C.

On paper it was spot on. This lad was meticulous in nature and had clearly been reading and researching training. The issue lay in the fact he had been moved to a new position, but was trying to run tactics that suited his old position. 

No wonder he wasn't getting anywhere. 

Once we figured that out, and he started looking into the tactics associated with his new position, he was golden.A single open and honest conversation.Which by the end of it, we were both laughing at the simplicity of the issue.The keys to progress, to unlocking potential lie in honesty and open communication. It's what I built the Force of Nature course on.

It's a 10 week deep dive into Mind, Body and Spirit that gets you to find your issues and then find your answers. 

It's intense, which is why I'm not running it full time as I initially thought I would.

I think I'll do 2, max 3 courses a year.

And that's me being honest and open.I love the course and I love running it.But it does take a toll on me so I'm putting my needs into the equation,  which is new for me.That said, the response from course attendees shows it is a needed service. 

Here's some of the feedback from previous attendees:


Q: What were the biggest changes in your ability to express your physical and mental fitness?

A: Brian: Physically, my shoulders are no long hunched and I'm feeling much better than I was. I've even started to run again albeit short distances. Mentally, I've identified my strong points and weak points. Following this course, I have a better idea of what I need to work on to achieve my goals

Terry: Physically I began to trust my self declared weak areas again and found a huge improvement in my balance between left and right sides. Mentally I started to relax and give myself credit for where I am at in life.


Q: What were the biggest shifts in yourself during the program?

A: TD: One of the biggest shifts for me during the program was howeasy it was to start feeling unbroken and stronger.

Brian: Physically, this is the best I've felt in years. Pains have disappeared. People have commented on how much better I look (I was sinking into myself before the course). Mentally things have also improved. I've identified some areas that require work on my part and some things mentally that have been holding me back

Jacob: more self belief.....but layered in that was a greater understanding of how to grow that self belief and the foundations upon that belief was built. Essentially understanding why it is ok to believe in myself, how the nervous system works how the chemical reactions work how the para and sympathetic nervous systems interact allowed me to relax and fall into the idea that I can believe in myself  

If you're struggling to find your sticking points, frustrated that your not making progress and looking for help

Then hit reply and let me know what's on your mind.

And I will add you the wait list for the next course 

Chat soon.



Dave Hedges

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